Forwards / Backwards Chase - Puck Control Activity

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This drill allows players to work on a coupl eof key fundamentals. First, in order to do this drill properly the players must do this with their head up and an awareness of their surroundings. Second, they have to work on backward skating and agility.

Mark off the boundaries using cones or borders. In most cases this activity works best in either the offense/defensive zone (from the blue line to the end boards). Have your players split up into pairs with one puck for each pair. One player in each pair will start with the puck facing their partner who is also facing them about 3 stick lengths away. On the whistle the player without the puck will skate backwards anywhere they want to go in the zone. The player with the puck will skate forward and try to stay in front of them while maintaining control of the puck. Both players will have to pay attention to their surroundings because everyone is doing this at the same time. The players going backwards are trying to lose the player with the puck by changing directions and speeds.

Allow players to go for 45 seconds to 1 minute then blow the whistle. The players can then switch roles, take a 15 second break, and then start a new round.

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