Finnish Footwork Shooting Drill

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Player starts at the bottom of the circle and works on explosive backwards starts.  At the dot they transition towards the wall.  The coach plays a puck into that area and players need to retrieve the puck and make a strong pass pass to the coach on their first touch.  They should not be slapping the puck.  They need to be strond on their stick and give it back to the coach in a conrolled manner.  Then the player transitions backwards towards the dot, pivots 180 degrees, shows the coach a good stick and gets a pass to the outside of the circle.  Player passes back to coach, transitions backwards to the dot, skates backwards around the dot, and receives a pass to the outside shoulder from the coach.  Players receive the puck and pull the puck into shooting position in one motion.  After the shot players get to the net for a rebound.


Coachclifford19 on 5/11/2018


ClevelandRox on 11/12/2015


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