Finland Warm Up Skate 1 on 1

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This is a great warm up that incorporates lots of footwork and puck touches. Line up all the players in two lines at one end, each line lines up at the goal post as shown in the diagram. In this drill the players are facing up ice for the whole drill. To start, players side-step along the goal line to the boards. When they reach the boards they skate forwards up around the top of the cirlce and transition to backwards as they go around the circle. The players will receive a pass from the coach (or other player) at the bottom of the circle and control it as they transition to forwards and make a pass back to the coach. The players then get another pass back from the coach and attack the blue line with speed moving inside out and take a long shot on net.

Comments on 12/8/2018

Finnland skating warm up

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