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This is a great warm up hockey activity to incorporate into your practices. Players will love it and it helps ramp up the energy and excitement for practice. To start the activity place all of the players in a designated area. In this case they are all in the neutral zone but you may have to use a larger or smaller area depending on the amount of players. In the designated area place half as many pucks as you have players. For example, if you have 16 players then throw out 8 pucks. On the whistle the players will try to control a puck without getting it taken away. The players that do not have a puck have to try and steal one from another player. At the end of 30 - 40 seconds the coach will blow the whistle. The players that do not have a puck will have to do some sort of excercise like push-ups or sit-ups at the direction of the coach.

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