Figure Eight Gap Up 1 on 1

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Great 1 on 1 drill here!  Emphasis for forwards is overspeed, feet should not stop moving throughtout this drill.  For defense the emphasis is on footwork, gap control, and holding the blue line.  Set all the pucks at the blue line.  The defense line up behind the pucks just outside the blue line along the boards in the neutral zone. Place two cones about 20 feet apart and about 10 feet inside the blue line.  These are where the forwards will do their figure eight.  Two more cones should be placed a little bit inside the red line  as shown for the defense to do their figure eights. To start the drill D1 makes a pass to F1 and starts their figure eights as shown in the diagram.  F1 has to wait to receive the puck before starting their figure eight.  The defense should always be facing the forward as they do their figure eights.  The forwards should always move their feet and explode out of each turn in their figure eights.  As F1 comes out of the first turn they perform a quick give & go with the next forward in line.  The defense should come out of their figure eights slightly ahead of the forwards so they can judge the speed of the forwards and gap up accordingly.  D1 and F1 then play a 1 on 1 towards the other net.  D1 should alway engage F1 before the blue line.

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