Evasive Passing Drill diagram

The Evasive Pass Drill from Dwyane Blais of NSDA is a simple, yet effective drill for players to practice their evasive / deceptive passing techniques, while the other forward can practice one-time shots.


  • Set up two lines of players (as shown in the diagram)
  • You can use obstacles (cones, players, pads etc that players need to pass around)
  • Player with the puck (F1) skates down and fully sells the shot (by looking at the goalie, being square to the goalie) and then at the last second they pass to the steaking forward (F2) who one times the shot.
  • Alternate sides so players get reps at both passing and shooting.

Coaching Points

  • Passer:
    • Practice being evasive / deceptive. Use your whole body to make the goalie think you are going to shoot. Use your eyes, head, hands and body to make it look like you are shooting.
    • Use your referral vision to locate your teammate breaking down to the net.
  • Shooter:
    • Keep stick on the ice to let your teammate know where you want the pass.
    • Make sure your bottom hand is strong so you are able to generate force and one time the puck to the back of the net. If you are light on your bottom hand, you will not be able to generate power and accuracy with your shot.

Supporting Fundamentals

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