Double Goals Game

Double Goals Game

Double Goals Game is a fun and competitive 3 vs. 3 small area game that allows players to score goals by passing through the gates, or scoring on a goalie.

A pass through the gate counts as 1 point (players can't pass through the same gate twice in a row) and a goal on the goalie counts as 3 points. The two options to score goals forces players to be creative and pick their heads up to be aware of their surroundings. Below we will list the setup, coaching points, and additional variations.


  • Set up two nets in a zone (as pictured in the diagram). 
  • Set up two "gates" in the middle of the ice (as pictured in the diagram) with cones or tires.
  • Split up the teams and play 3 vs. 3 with 2 goalies. The game can be modified to be 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4.
  • Keep score!! Teams can score 1 point if they pass through a gate (players can't pass through the same gate twice in a row). Goals on a goalie count as 3 points.

Coaching Points

  • Keep Your Head Up: This game is all about awareness. The offense needs to look to score in different ways and the defense needs to be aware of the gates in the middle of the ice.
  • Communicate With Your Teammates: This is a fast-paced game and important for teammates to communicate with each other.
  • Jump To Space: Offensive players need to work on jumping to open ice to be an option for their teammates.
  • Keep Stick On Ice: Defense can block passes and angle with their stick on the ice, while offensive players can give teammates a target to pass to.
  • Cheer! Players at the blueline should cheer on their teammates and help keep score. 


  • Game can be setup to be 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 for cross-ice. Can also set up gates in the neutral zone for a full ice 5v5 game.
  • Can require players to pass through a gate before they are allowed to shoot on net. 
  • Can also allow players to skate through a gate as a point.
  • Can give different values for the goals (passing through a gate, skating through a gate, and scoring a goal are all ways to score points).
  • Can make the gates larger for beginner players and smaller for higher skilled players.
  • Can set the gates up in the Royal Road to encourage one time shooting for 2 point plays. View video of Double Gates - Royal Road.

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