Cycle to Backcheck Drill

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This is a drill that Denis recommends at least once a week if you have the ice-time that allows for it.  The drill starts with 3 forwards cycling in the offensive zone against 2 defensemen while another line of forwards is waiting at the top if the circles with a puck to break 3 on 2 up the ice.  Let the players cycle down low for a little bit to see if they can generate a scoring opportunity and then blow the whistle when you think it is fit.  At this point the line of forwards start up ice on a 3 on 2, and the forwards who were cycling are going to back-check into the other zone and the defenseman they were playing against are going to try to join the rush.  Essentially it will turn into a 5 on 5 at the opposite end of where the forwards started cycling.  This is a great drill because it involves, cycling, defending the cycle, back-checking, d-men joining the rush and ultimately ends up in a 5 on 5 situation.


alain2387 on 10/31/2019

On va modifier l'exercice car un seul lieu de faire du cycle down low 3 vs 2...on fera du small area sifflet, on part à 3 vs 2 avec 2 backchecker et 1 F4

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