Cross Ice 2 on 1

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This is a good drill for all ages and can be especially good for younger ages.  It is very useful for practices in which stations are used because it only used one zone.  If needed this drill can be run in the neutral zone as well.

Have players line up in two teams along the blue line.  The coach has the pucks in the middle of the ice at the blue line.  Place a cone on the side of each net as shown in the diagram.

On the whistle two players will take off from the green line.  The first player skates around the net and looks to receive a pass from the coach.  The second player skates up to the cone and does a tight control turn and then heads up ice with F1 (cones may need to be adjusted so that F2 is even with F1 when he gets the puck).

At the same time D1 from the blue line skates around their net and takes on green F1 and F2 on the 2 on 1 rush.

On the next whistle two players from the blue line go on offense and 1 player from green will go on defense.  The 2 on 1 plays alternate back and forth.

This drill does not restrict players to offense or defense.  Players play both offense or defense.

A fun way to keep score is award 1 point for the offense if they score and 3 points for a defender if they create a turnover and score on the other net.

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