Cornell Under-Handling With Shot

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The Cornell Under Handling With shot drill helps players practice handling the puck with no stickhandling moves. Under handling the puck helps players keep up speed, protect the puck, and allows them to keep their head up easier than if they were doing a lot of complex stickhandling maneuvers.


  • Setup 3 cones or tires, as shown in the diagram.
  • On the whistle, a player starts out of the corner with the puck, and they maneuver through the cones by keeping the puck on their forehand.
  • Coaches should encourage proper technique over speed.
  • After the last cone, players should take a shot while moving their feet.

Coaching Points

  • Keep puck on forehand of blade.
  • Practice keeping your head up.
  • Utilize tight turns with deep knee bends to help with speed and puck protection.
  • Shoot in stride after the 3rd cone.


  • Coaches can set up the cones or tires in different areas of the ice.
  • Coaches can add or remove the # of tires in the drill.
  • Coaches can add themselves into the drill and have an active stick so that the players must keep their head up to determine what side of the ice they should go.


HHA_U12 on 1/9/2024

Have 2 nets going at same time if 2 goalies

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