Control Obstacle Course Station

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This station drill incorporates puck control, passing, receiving, control turns, and shooting.  The first obstacles are a series of cones.  The players should work on protecting the puck from the cone by using their body on both forehand and backhand sides.  After the cones they give the coach a pass and get it right back.  When they get to the tire they do a complete circle around the tire while controlling the puck and using their body to stay between the tire and puck.  Then they skate to the next tire and do the same thing in the opposite direction.  After the second tire they skate towards the net.  At the two tires they do a single shift move around both tires and then take the shot.  Players should alternate which direction they do the shift on each repetition.  So first, fake to the forehand and go to the backhand.  On the second repetition they should fake to the backhand and go the forehand.


jeff.chapman on 7/17/2019

Stickhandling on 9/23/2018

good sklills drill

jeff.chapman on 8/21/2018

Good puck handling  drill.  don't have tires so use cones and stick for two tires together.  

wfgworks on 5/26/2018

Stickhandling/shooting station on 11/24/2015
garypev on 10/27/2015

a little bit of everything

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