Continuous In Zone 2 vs. 2 Game

A continuous 2 vs. 2 small area hockey game that puts the defenders at a disadvantage since they will be double shifting. The defense will be tired so it is extra important that they communicate with each other, focus on good positioning and habits. 


  • 2 defenders start at the blue line and 2 forwards start in the center ice circle.
  • Game starts with the coach passing the puck to one of the 2 forwards (this begins the 2 vs. 2).
  • Forwards try to keep possession of the puck and score.
  • The defenders try to defend and can end the game by skating the puck out of the zone or passing the puck to the forwards that are next in line.
  • If a goal is scored, or the goalie freezes the puck, or the puck goes out of play, the coach has the option to chip another puck in the zone, or pass to the next forwards in line.
  • When the shift ends (either with a goal, the defense getting the puck out of the zone, or a coach's whistle), the forwards switch to defense and the new forwards start the 2 vs. 2.
  • Keep Score: 3 points for a goal, 2 points for the defense skating the puck out of the zone, 1 point for the defense passing the puck out of the zone, and 0 points if the coach blows the whistle and changes lines.

Coaching Points:

  • The defense will be tired since they will be "double shifting." Encourage good positioning and stick on the ice.
  • Both teams should not be afraid to hold on to the puck, and protect it until they are able to make a play.
  • Both teams should work on verbal & non-verbal communication with their partner.
  • Compete to score points for your team! Celebrate points!


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