Continuous Triple Transition

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It is very important for forwards to have good timing in this drill.  Timing is very important in the neutral zone and so many young players get too far ahead of the play, making the defense's job much tougher.  In this drill both forwards present themselves as outlets for the defense and they are in a position where the defense can give them a horizantal pass.

Set up all the defense in the center ice circle but only on one side of the red line.  The coach should be positioned at center ice with all the pucks.  The line of forwards should be at one red line, and  at the start of the drill one forward should be positioned at the opposite red line.  The first defense should be on the blue line as shown in the diagram.

On the whistle, the coach places a puck softly just inside the blue line to simulate a turnover.  The defense skates up to the red line and transitions backwards to retrieve the puck.  As they retreive the puck they should face up ice as soon as possible ready to move the puck right away.  F1 and F2 are both opening up to the puck carrier and transitioning up the ice.  The defense passes to F2.  F2 receives the pass, controls it and then gives F1 a pass as they move through center ice. F1 then continues into the zone for a shot on net.  Right after D1 makes the pass to F2, they skate back up to the red line and transition backwards again as the coach places another puck just inside the zone.  F2 after they make the pass to F1 now takes over the role of F1 and transitions on the other side of the ice while F3 not takes on the role of F2.  Therefore it is a continuous drill.  The defense do three repetitions before the next defense steps in.


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