Continuous Give & Go Passing

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This passing drill strives to help players develop a feel for the give & go pass. Five players are needed for each group. Depending on how many players you have they can be spread aound the ice to create several groups of five. Each group will only use one puck. P1 starts the drill by passing to P2 and then following their pass to apply passive pressure on P2. P2 then passes to P3, puts a move on P1 and skates around P1 to receive the pass back from P3 in the middle of the box. P2 then repeats the same action with P5. When p1 gets the puck back at center ice, then they can switch the direction by passing to P4 and performing several reps the other way. The drill should start slow and as players develop a feel for the flow they will start to speed up and get into a good rhythm.


tygretzky on 4/10/2018


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