Chase the Rabbit

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This activity works on puck control, puck skills, awareness, agility, and skating. Players will have to have awareness and do it with their head up or they will not be successful.

This drill is best used on one end of the ice from the blue line to the end boards. Have the players get into pairs with one puck for each pair. The player without the puck will be facing forwards, the player with the puck will be 3-4 stick lengths behind them and facing the same way. On the whistle the player without the puck will skate forwards and will skate all over the zone wherever they want. The player with the puck is trying to stay within the 4 stick lenghs behind them while maintaining control of the puck. The player without the puck should be using cross-overs, control turns, stops and starts, and changing of speed to make it challenging for the player with the puck to keep up with them.

To make it more challenging you can add cones, tires, gloves, and other toys into the zone that players have to navigate while maintaining puck control.

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