The Chaos Weave

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The Chaos Weave Passing & Skating Drill

The drill is set up with players in opposite corners and 8 players (4 on each side of the ice) in the neutral zone. The drill can be modified to be full ice, half-ice or station-based.

On the whistle, Blue X's on each end start skating with a puck. Their objective is to work on change of direction with the puck and spatial awareness, by weaving in between the players in the NZ. At the same time, the 8 players in the NZ are passing around 3 pucks simultaneously. Players must all be aware of the location of the 3 pucks and be ready for a pass at any moment, while also being aware of skaters weaving in and out of the players on each side of the ice.


  • Simple Passing: Simplify to have partner passing in NZ among the 8 players. Instead of 3 pucks moving simultaneously among all the players, have players pair up with one partner and pass back and forth to them while the Blue X's weave (4 pairs of 2 passers, each with a puck).
  • Progressions: Add a chaser to the puck carrier. Space out the chaser by about 3 stick lengths. The goal is for the puck carrier to successfully skate, control the puck, and not get caught. Chaser is trying to catch the puck carrier and steal the puck. All still while being aware of the other pucks in the NZ that are being passed around.
  • Half-Ice / Station Setup: This drill can be modified to half-ice and three-quarters ice. See diagrams below.
  • 3 Lanes: This drill can also be modified with 3 lanes if you have more than 2 goalies.


SJHA Director on 9/13/2021

This is great for puck touches and passing progressions along with skating with the puck. I like the 3 net set up. 

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