Breakout Weave #1

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This hockey drill is the first in a series of similar hockey drills.  The players need to line up in one end of the ice as shown in the diagram.  For this series the pucks are all in one corner with the defense.  To start the drill the defense carries a puck around the net and makes a breakout pass to F1.  The defense needs to stay inside the dots and make themselves available for a return pass from F1.  F1 passes back to D1 and then sprints up ice.  F1 receives the puck from F1 and then makes a pass to F2.  F2 has to time their break so they are not too far ahead and are available for a horizontal pass from D1. After that pass the player skate down the ice 3 on 0 doing a 3 man weave.  The players should only make one pass inside the zone before the shot, otherwise the goalies are flopping around like fish.

This drill will help forwards and defense understand that breakouts are more about timing than they are about getting up ice as fast as possible.  Make sure players are making horizontal passes instead of verticle passes up the ice.



NorthJerseyPhoenix on 11/28/2018

Breakout weave

copper cliff braves on 12/8/2015

Back side support and timing

CoachKevin on 12/1/2015

Weave patterns to help teach offensive thought, puck support  

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