Battery Hockey Figure 8 Shooting Drill diagram

A shooting exercise demonstrated by Cam Atkinson and Kole Sherwood of the Columbus Blue Jackets at The Battery Hockey Academy. The drill allows for 6 shots on net and helps players work on shooting off of the pass in 3 different setups while they receive pucks on two sides of the ice.


  • The shooter receives a pass from each corner and they shoot in a stationary setting.
  • After their second shot, they head to a cone and pivot facing the passer in the corner. They receive a pass and quickly fire a puck on net. After the shot they look to the opposite corner, pivot facing them and then receive a puck and shoot on net.
  • After their fourth shot they perform a controlled turn around the cone, and receive a pass from the opposite corner. They take a quick shot and then receive a final pass after a controlled turn from the opposite corner.
  • After the player shoots, they become a passer and one of the passers becomes the next shooter.

Coaching Points:

  • The shooter must keep their stick on the ice and provide the passer a clear target as to where they want the puck.
  • The shooter should keep both hands away from the body so they can easily pull back with the top hand and push with the bottom hand for a quick release.


  • The passers can be set up in different areas of the ice.
  • The shooter can work on different shooting techniques (snap shot, wrist shot, change shot angle).
  • The cones can be set up in different areas.
  • Can be a station with short passes or a half ice drill with longer passes.

Supporting Fundamentals

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