Angling Transition 1 v 1 to 2 v 1

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This drill from Alyssa Gagliardi is designed to develop Neutral Zone Angling skills with the focus on sealing off the puck carrier and transitioning the puck to a teammate for a quick 2v1. 


On the whistle, the offensive player takes off across the zone and receives a pass from the coach. At the same time, a defending player starting in the far side of the NZ takes off. The defending player is focused on their timing, stick positioning and body positioning to read the puck carrier's speed and take away the middle to limit their space.

In order to activate their teammate and get the advantage on the 2v1:

  • The puck carrier must either skate the puck to the center ice red line and then pass to their teammate on the far side OR skate the puck over the far side blue line themselves which allows their teammate to activate.
  • The defending player must win the puck anywhere before the far blue line in order to activate their player for the 2v1. 

Whichever player does not accomplish the objective has to transition to defensive play. 

Coaching Points

  • Angling Player:
    • Stick on the ice (to help you angle, intercept a pass, or go stick on stick to take the puck away).
    • Match the speed of the player you are chasing.
    • Take a proper angle so the player can not easily cut back to middle of ice.
  • Player With Puck:
    • Protect the puck with your body or stickhandling the puck away from the defender.
    • Cut back to middle of the ice if the defender leaves the middle open. 


Matt Cullen on 11/8/2022

Can Go Both ways. F waiting on the wall

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