5 Cone 2 Shot Station Drill

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This is a station drill that works well for the Mite and Squirt age level. You only need half of one of the zones, one net, and five cones. The drill starts with the player carrying a puck through the cones as outlined in the diagram. The focus of this drill includes:

  • tight control turns with good puck control.
  • protecting the puck from the cones.
  • make sure players are using closed stick blade for puck control.
  • players should shoot shortly after they pass the last cone.
  • emphasize stopping at the net for a rebound.
  • show a good target to receive a pass from the coach for the second shot.
  • use a strong bottom hand for the catch and release shot.


jpbridge44 on 11/12/2018

good skill drill 1/2 ice

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