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This is an excellent full ice exercise that encourages a team working together to move the puck down the ice. This is not exactly a small area game unless you consider the fact that players are limited to each zone. Each player with the puck must be aware and look to find their teammates. Each player without the puck must be moving to open space. Both teams are working to score a goal while moving the puck up the ice.


  • Each team has 8 players on the ice at the same time. 2 defensive players in the defensive zone, 3 forwards & defense in the neutral zone, and 3 forwards in the offensive zone.
  • Players have to stay in their zone.
  • The game starts with one puck.
  • Players have to move the puck up the ice by passing to players in the next zone. 
  • At any time the coach can add a puck to the game so that at any one time there are three pucks in play.

Coaching Points:

  • Players with the puck need to pick their head up to look and find their teammates.
  • Players without the puck need jump to open space to make themselves open to get the puck.
  • Encourage verbal and non-verbal communication.


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