3 Prong Warm Up

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This half ice warm up drill gives the goalies three type of shots and angles, and the players also get to work on 3 types of shots. P1 starts the drill by coming out of the corner with a puck around the tire and shooting from below the face off circle.  After the shot P1 stays in front of the net and P2 starts their portion of the drill.  P2 must keep their feet moving and skate out around the tire.  Their goal is to get a shot off as quickly as possible while moving their feet and driving to the net. Try to teach players to keep shots low and shoot for rebounds.  After P2 shoots P3 begins.  P3 takes a puck and makes a move on the tire before taking a quick shot on net.  Again, try to get players to make a move and get a quick shot on net.


coachmac on 11/9/2015

Ensure players feet are moving, shots are below the knees to warm the goalies up and hit the net.

Make sure players shoot off of both feet with back to front leg power.

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