2 on 2 Continuous Transition

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The full ice 2 on 2 Continuous Transition Drill from Ben Syer of Cornell Hockey is an excellent drill for forwards and defencemen. For defencemen, it helps them work on their gap and breakout skills. For forwards, it's working on their line rush skills and in tight partner support skills during a transition. Due to its continuous setup, it will be a high tempo and great conditioning drill for the players as well.


  • For the first rep, two forwards and two defensemen line up with a puck in the far zone (as pictured in the video & diagram).
  • On the coach's whistle, the two forwards bring the puck up ice.
  • The defencemen play a tight gap and try to make the forwards make an uncomfortable play by the blueline.
  • The forwards work together to get the puck in the zone, where they try to score a goal.
  • After the puck is brought into the zone, two new forwards and two new defencemen from the bench jump into the play.
  • The 2 on 2 continues until a goal is scored, the goalie saves the puck, or the defenceman are able to break the puck out to their forwards. After any of those happen, the new set of forwards brings the puck down ice against the new set of defencemen.
  • Only use one puck. The drill is continuous!

Coaching Points:

  • Defenceman:
    • Play a tight gap.
    • Communicate with your partner.
    • Force a tough decision for the forwards at the blueline.
  • Forwards:
    • Always support your partner.
    • Keep your stick on the ice and jump to open ice to be an outlet.
    • Try to create 2 on 1 situation in the offensive zone.


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