10 Second 2 on 2 Down Low

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This 2 on 2 drill for both defense and forwards.  Set up players as shown in the diagram.  Either the forwards or defense start on their knees to give them a slight disadvantage. Whomever you think needs to be challenged more should start on their knees. To start the drill, the players are facing the boards (in some cases they will be on their knees). The coach sends a puck into the corner.  Once the puck hits the boards the play begins and goes for about 10 seconds or until the forwards score or the defense clears the puck.  The forwards are trying to get the puck to the net and the defense are trying to keep themselves in good defensive position between the forwards and the net.  Forwards should focus on keeping their feet moving a all times and create scoring chances by spinning out of the corners.  Defense need to focus on playing the body and if they get beat then recovering back to the front of the net. Defense should try to never get beat back to the front of the net by the forwards.

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