Goal Setting


In the video above, Topher Scott talks about the importance of goal setting when building your team's culture.

"When talking about development, both of individual players and of your team culture, one of the most important things you can do is goal setting." - Topher Scott

Below are some steps on how to help your team get started in developing a roadmap to achieve your goals on and off of the ice:

1. Have A Dream

  • Have A Big Dream: Having a big dream is great for the soul, and gives players energy and a reason to work hard when things are tough. A big dream reminds you why you are doing what you do!
    • Team examples: win a particular championship, or tournament, or having the most fun during the year.
    • Player examples: playing in the NHL, or getting a scholarship, or developing a particular skill this season.

2. Plan & Write It Down

  • Plan Process Goals & Daily Behaviors: These smaller goals should help you get better and bring you closer to your dreams.
  • Write Down Your Actions: write down your goals and behaviors so you follow them and check them off when you complete them. 
  • Big Gains Come From Little Gains: Remember that each small step of the way can bring you closer to one BIG gain or goal. This is true for individuals and teams. Success does not happen overnight.

3. Accountability Buddy

  • Get Someone To Hold You Accountable: It is easy to fall off of your goals if you are doing it by yourself. Having an accountability buddy will give you some positive peer pressure to continue on the path during the days you want to stay in. Have fun with it and work together to get better!