Skills Coach Dwayne Blais dives into how to improve your slap-shot. The slap-shot is the most powerful shot in the game today if executed properly. The power of the shot can be hard for the goalie to pick up which can lead to goals or rebounds. Watch the video above to learn more and scroll to the bottom to view drills to practice your slap shot.

Tips to Improve Your Slap Shot

  1. Power Comes From Legs & Bottom Hand: The power of a slap shot comes from your bottom hand pushing into the ice and the weight transfer of your legs.
  2. Transfer Weight From Back Foot To Front Foot: Transfer weight and power from your back foot to your front foot.
  3. Drive Shoulders To Net: Drive your shoulders to the net to generate more power and accuracy.
  4. Hand Position Is Important: You do not want your hands too far apart or too close together. Keep them about hip length away.
  5. Stick Travels In Stright Lines: Do not whip your stick around. Your windup should go straight back and your follow-through should go straight forward. 
  6. Keep Puck Between Feet: Keep puck between your feet so you can hit the ice before you shoot.
  7. Hit Ice Before Puck: Hit the ice 2-3 inches before you hit the puck. This will allow you to generate force with your stick and shoot the puck harder.
  8. Follow Through: Follow through with where you want to shoot the puck. Follow through high for a high shot and follow through low for a lower shot.
  9. Cup The Puck: Cupping with a closed blase while you shoot will help you control your shot. Leaving your blade open will result in an inaccurate shot.