Professional Hockey Skills Coach Dwayne Blais explains how to develop a quick release shot. The better a player can get at catching and quickly releasing a puck, the more opportunities they will have to score. After you watch the video, scroll below to see drills and small area games that can help you practice a quick release shot on the ice.

Tips to Develop A Quick Release Shot

  1. Good Hand Position: Keeping your hands hip-width apart is a good distance for any type of shot.
  2. Keep Hands Away From Body: Keep top hand up and keeping your hands away from body will allow you to take a shot with greater force. If your hands are close to your body it is hard to push and pull with your top and bottom hands.
  3. Get Puck In Shooting Box Quickly: The quicker you can get your puck into your shooting box, the quicker you will be able to shoot. Your shooting box is usually about a blade length away from your skates.
  4. Push Down With Bottom Hand (Power Hand): Pushing down with your bottom hand will help generate flex on your stick which will produce additional power on your shot.
  5. Drive Shoulders To Net: Driving your shoulders to the net will help you generate additional force with your shot.
  6. Generate Power With Legs: Transfering weight from one leg to your other leg will help with your backhand and forehand shots.