Youth Hockey Follow Along Off-Ice Workout

This office workout is a good one fora all age levels because there are no weights or props involved. You can do this in a relatively small space too. In this workout you will do all six exercises listed below one after the other with minimal rest between exercises. After you complete all 6 exercises you will rest for 90 seconds and then do them all again. Do the entire series 3 times. For specific instructions on each exercise be sure to watch the video above.

Split Squat Jumps

3 sets of 3 per leg

Prisoner Reverse Lunges

3 sets of 5 per leg

Flutter Kicks

3 sets  of 10 per leg

Broad Jumps

3 sets of 6

Prisoner Forward Lunges

3 sets of 5 per leg 

A6: Plank w/ Elbow to Knee Touches

3 sets of 10 per side