Lateral Power and Strength Hockey Workout

Lateral strength is a key component for increasing your speed on the ice. This workout consists of exercises specific for lateral power and speed.

Super Set #1

One Legged Leg Press

4 sets of 10 per leg (10 seconds rest)

Body Weight Cross-Over Step Ups

4 sets of 15 per leg (2 minutes rest)

Super Set #2

Bulgarian Split Squats with Dumbells

3 sets of 10 per leg (10 seconds rest)

Bodyweight Lunges (multi-directional)

3 sets of 5/leg (2 minutes rest)

Full Body Dumbell Side Lateral Throw

3 sets of 8 per side (2 minutes rest)


ryan3 on 10/4/2019

If you are serious about moving on to AAA or having a chance at Junior A in the next couple years it is imperative that you do dry land exercises in addition to your on ice schedule. This is an easy one to start with and I will release some others that will improve your agility and lateral speed.