Tight Space 1 on 1

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This 1 on 1 drill is done in a relatively tight space and great for half ice practice plans.  This is not necessarily a position specific drill, it is good for players to take repetitions in both lines.  It is a great 1 on 1 drill if you are limited to half ice yet have access to two goalies.

Set up the drill as shown with four lines facing the zone at inline with the neutral zone face off dots.  Cones, pucks, or tires can be used just inside the zone.  The cones for the defensive line should be slightly staggered so they are in a slight defensive advantage coming out of the figure eight.

To start the drill both players carry pucks and do a figure eight so that they come out of the turn towards the outside of the rink.  The defensive player gives the puck back to their line as they come out off the figure eight and they take on the offensive player in a 1 on 1 situation.

The offensive players should try to get behind the defensive player by protecting the puck and moving their feet.  If the defensive player is in good position then encourage the offensive players to shoot using them as a screen.  You will see a tendency for players to try and get too cute and it is important that they read the defense and if they give you the shot then take it.  If they allow you to get to the back shoulder then try to drive to the net.

The defensive players should focus on taking away the time and space and using good stick position to discourage the shot and keep the offensive player to the outside.

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