Stretch and Go Flow

Stretch and Go Flow

This is a good full ice warm up drill that involves a couple passes and a shot from the high slot.  Most of the time in this drill there are four player in action at the same time although the repetitions are slightly staggered.

To set up place four equal lines in each corner.  In this case lines 1 and 3 (Green Lines) will go first.  Lines 2 & 3 will go when the first two players get to the blue line.  P1 starts with a puck and skates along the wall into the neutral zone.  P2 starts without a puck along the wall into the neutral zone and then swings into the middle to receive a pass from P1.  P2 receives the pass and enters the zone where they came from.  They stay wide and carry the puck down below the dots.  If they are on their forehand they can get on their inside edges and wait for P1 to present a target in the high slot.  If they are on their off-hand they can open up so they are making a hard forehand pass.  P1 will receive the puck in the high slot and shoot.  Encourage players to receive and shoot as quickly as possible.

Supporting Fundamentals


coaches on 12/8/2021

warm up goalie drill

kjr2006 on 2/14/2019

good drill

cspearsy on 12/12/2018

Drill # 1 - 12-13-18

Peter on 5/12/2018

My practice 

Coachclifford19 on 5/12/2018


mstene on 11/4/2015


demvchockey on 10/2/2015
wildtime on 9/29/2015

drill # 3

Scott Hulse on 8/15/2015
Scott Hulse on 8/15/2015

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