SPS (Start, Pokecheck, Stop)

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This is a hockey drill that can be classified as conditioning drill but also works on some habits useful for the defensive zone.  Players need to pair up, idealy with their defensive partner.  Place three pucks around the perimeter deep the zone as shown in the diagram.  Both players need to start facing away from their own net.  On the whistle, D1 explodes to one of the pucks of their choice, as they stop at the puck they make a good solid poke check and then skate hard back the slot area and commuicate to their partner they are back (either tapping them or yelling a callout such as "GO").  Once D2 hears the callout or feels a tap then they do the same thing towards a puck of their choice.

There are three things to focus on in this hockey drill:

  1. As they stop and start, make sure players are NOT crossing over.  Try to get them in the habit of making a more efficient first step by opening up and pushing off their back leg.  
  2. Make a good solid poke check by making good contact with the puck and they should try to use their periferal vision instead of looking at the puck. 
  3. Players also need to communicate by using their callout to let their partner know they are back in front of the net and it is ok to go challenge the perimeter.


nfuerst on 10/27/2019

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