Royal Puck Protection Drill

The Royal Puck Protection Drill is a good one to use when you have a chance to work with the forwards in one end of the ice. It can be used in a station practice, skill development session, or half-ice practices.  Moving your feet, protecting the puck, and a quick release are the points of emphasis.

To set up the drill place two lines along the wall just outside the blue line.  The first player in line (P1) skates down along the wall and then does a figure eight between the two players.  As they go around each player they have to protect the puck with their body while moving their feet.  The two players standing still (P2 & P3) can use their stick to annoy the puck carrier (P1).  As the puck carrier skates up the wall and around P3 they have to get a quick shot off right after they reach the cone.  Players should keep moving their feet as they release the shot, skating through the shot and stopping at the crease.  After the shot and stopping at the net they take over P2's position.  P2 goes to P3's position, and P3 goes to the end of the line.

Supporting Fundamentals


U12dev on 10/27/2018

Puck protection

bblazersled on 3/24/2018

Works backhand and forehand

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