Peanut Overspeed Skating Drill (Half Ice) diagram

This is a half ice skating drill that is great for most age levels. It emphasizes quick feet and quick changes of direction. To set up the drill have the players line up in the middle of the ice on the blue line facing the net. The players will go in groups of two or three. The players skate to the bottom of the circle and around the circle back to the middle and to the inside of the cone then back outside around the top of the next circle. See the diagram and animation for clarity. Switch directions each time.

Coaching Points

  • Players should never stop moving their feet.
  • Make sure players are skating hard all the way through the blue line.
  • When skating around the circle player should stay low and get a strong push from the cross-under.
  • Rotate the chest towards the middle of the circle.


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Peanut half ice overspeed on 9/13/2019

Peanut overspeed half ice


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Peanut drill
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Run out of both ends 

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