Net Awareness Shooting - Pass, Spin & Shoot

Net Awareness Shooting - Pass, Spin & Shoot diagram

11 year NHL Veteran and current Columbus Blue Jackets Skills Coach Jared Boll performs The Net Awareness Shooting - Pass, Spin & Shoot Drill. This drill helps players practice reaction and reinforces the concept to always know where the net is. Coaches should encourage players to use their peripheral vision and quick shots. Shooting on net quickly increases the chances of scoring since the goalie will not have the extra time to get set in a proper angle.


The player shooter passes to player 1, player 1 passes to player 2, then player 2 passes to the shooter. The shooter performs this 3 times and then the 3 players rotate and player 2 becomes the next shooter. Rotate so each player gets at least 1 rep spinning 3 times towards the net and 3 times away from the net.

Coaching Points:

  • Use Peripheral Vision: Do not stop the puck and look at the net while shooting. The goal is to use your peripheral vision and awareness to know where the net is so when you receive a pass you can quickly fire a shot on goal.
  • Quick Release: Shoot quickly. Use a snap shot or slap shot to quickly fire the puck on net.
  • Shooting Technique: Keep hands away from body while shooting so your top hand can pull back and your bottom hand can push and generate force.


  • Change up where this drill is setup to practice shooting from other areas of the ice.
  • Change up where the 2nd passer is located in the drill so the shooting angle is different.
  • View the Colorado Avalanche practice a similar drill to practice quick release and net awareness.

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