NEHDA Defenseman Carousel

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The NEHDA Defenseman Carousel from NewEdge Hockey helps players practice passing, communication, awareness, timing, and more. This drill should have flow and a very strong focus on quality passing.


  • Pucks and players in the corner (as shown in the diagram and video).
  • Drill starts by having Player 1 pass to Player 2 at the point. Player 2 skates laterally, then gives the puck back to Player 2 (who opens up to receive a pass).
  • Player 2 takes the puck behind the net to give a breakout pass to Player 3 (who is opening up along the boards). Player 3 heads up ice and gives the puck to Player 1, who has skated across the blue line.
  • Player 1 takes a point shot, then jumps down into the slot and receives a pass from the next player in line (Player 4) for a shot.
  • Player 3 now jumps over to the other side of the blue line and receives a pass from the next player in line (Player 4). This drill is continuous.  

Coaching Points

  • Passing: The focus again is pristine passing and communication.
  • Timing: There are lots of moving parts in this drill so awareness and timing are critical components. Be on time, be patient yet prepared to move.
  • Head up! All players in the rep should position themselves to see as much of the ice (and players) as possible at all times.


Warren Nye on 1/14/2024

Why can't I get the videos to play?

coaches on 12/13/2021

Defesne half ice drill

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