NEHDA 3 Puck diagram

The NEHDA 3 Puck is an excellent drill from NewEdge Hockey that helps players practice passing, communication, edgework, and more. This drill should have flow and a very strong focus on quality passing.


  • Start the drill with 3 pucks inside of the blueline as shown in the diagram & video.
  • Player 1 begins the drill by skating in between the first and second puck and passes to Player 2. Player 2 needs to keep a consistent gap with the main player in the repetition. Player 2 returns the puck back to Player 1, who then passes to Player 3 who is in front of the line. The three players will exchange a total of 10 passes (as seen in the video).
  • Part # 1: 10 continuous passes between Player 1, Player 2, and Player 3.
  • Part # 2: 10 continuous passes plus a shot at the end of the drill with light pressure from the player on the ice. 
  • Part # 3: 10 continuous passes plus a shot pass at the end of the drill which is a deflection attempt in front of the ice. 

Coaching Points:

  • Passing Quality: Put a strong emphasis on passing quality and communication during this drill. Make sure the player at the base of the pucks is moving and keeping a consistent gap with the main player in the repetition.
  • Footwork: As much as possible, have the main player in the repetition keep their toecaps and chest "in zone."
  • Underhandle Puck: When receiving passes (main player in the repetition) it is good to work on backhand reception to forehand pass with little to no dribbling.
  • Shooting: When shooting, shoot with purpose and don't just go through the motions.

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