Howie's Warm Up Skating Evaluation Drill diagram

This drill starts with playersin two parallel lines on each side of the coach between the blue lines.  On the first whistle, one skater from each side skates forward and crosses over around low the face-off circle on their side of the ice and continue to where the blue line and boards meet where they stop and immediately begin to side-step across the blue line.  When they reach the line of forwards they stop and immediately skate forward to the redline where they side step across to the boards, where once again they stop, skate and finally side-step the blue line before one last stop and then crossover the low face-off circle before getting back in line.  Once the first skaters hit the blue line, the coach can blow the whistle and send the next two players in line.  There will usually be anywhere from 3 to 4 players completing the drill on each side of the ice at a given time.  It's a great drill to use to evaluate your player's skating abilities or to start a practice with.  It's also good to have the d-men do the drill skating backwards.


Mfranchetti18 on 1/27/2019

warm up skate

Team sum on 3/31/2018


Team sum on 3/31/2018


Aggie19 on 4/16/2016

Have players do it without and with a puck

SCasey on 3/16/2016

good for tryout

KRAYMOND on 7/30/2015
YULO SUPLER on 12/22/2014


YULO SUPLER on 12/22/2014


Nads on 5/22/2014


Richard on 4/16/2014


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