Heads Up Stickhandling Station diagram

Split up players into four equal lines and have them line up at each neutral zone dot with pucks. On the whistle, first player from each line skates into the center circle with a puck. There will be four players in the center circle stickhandling and controlling the puck. On the next whistle the four player skate to the end of the line diagonal from the line where they came from. At the same time the next players from each line skate into the center circle doing the same thing. Players should focus on controlling the puck with their head up. Encourage players to be creative.

Supporting Fundamentals

Comments on 9/25/2018

Heads up Stickhandle

wfgworks on 5/26/2018

Stickhandling Mid-Ice

jflinck on 4/5/2018

Relay Idea

martinstewart on 9/15/2015

good drill

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