Give & Go Rover
Give & Go Rover

This game emphasizes using give and gos in a small area. Players will have to learn the concept of passing and moving to space in order to be successful. To set up the drill create a square area using cones. The size of the box can depend on the age and skill level of the players.

Two players will play against each other and 1 player will be the "rover". To start the drill place a puck in the middle and have the two players compete to gain possession.  When a player gains possession they try to make a pass with the "rover" and then skate to open space to receive a pass back. When they do this they earn a point. If the puck goes outside the boundary the coach plays a new puck into space.

Coaching Points

  • Players need to protect the puck and expose it when ready to make a play.
  • Place an emphasis on passing and moving.
  • No players should even be standing still.

Supporting Fundamentals

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