Forehand Retriever Drill

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The retriever defense drill reminds me of throwing the ball for my dog.  A little bit more skill is required here though.  This is a great hockey drill to work on if you have some open ice or at a stick and puck session.  It is a great skill for defense to master especially as they get older and play at higher levels.  To start the drill have a coach or another player with the puck just outside the blue line in the middle of the ice.  The player should start at about the top of the circle in line with the face off dots.  On the whistle the player takes a few hard strides forwards and transitions towards the middle of the ice.  The coach then dumps a puck in deep just off to the side of the net.  The player needs to open up without crossing over and take a good angel when retrieving the puck so they collect the puck on their forehand and are able to face up ice as quickly as possible.  On their way to retreiving the puck they should get in the habit of looking over their shoulder and reading the ice before they get the puck.  The player should also try and face up ice and stay inside the dots to give them better passing options.  Once the player gains control of the puck they should skate it up to about the dot and make a pass back the coach.  The players can do 2 - 3 reps each time.


nateelliott on 9/10/2018

dman pivots, puck pickup and pass while moving feet(not flat footed)

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