Defensive Pivot Races

We have numerous overpeed races geared towards forwards so here is one that focuses on footwork for defense.  Similar to the previous drill, the coach will have the pucks at center ice just outside the blue line.  Set up cones or discs as shown in the diagram.  Two lines of players are required, each along the boards at the bliue lines.  On the whistle the players skate forward and transition towards the middle of the ice around the cone on the goal line. They skate backwards as fast as they can to the cone at the top of the circle.  At the cone they open up their hips and pivot forwards to skat around the cone in the middle. Emphasize no cross-overs.  In fact you can make a rule that a player is disqualified if they use cross-overs to transition to forwards.  The players then race to the puck that is placed in the slot by the coach.  This forces players to move their feet faster than what is comfortable.

Supporting Fundamentals


jbona on 12/26/2018


nateelliott on 9/6/2018

Footwork and make sure you switch lines after

CoachJ on 12/16/2015

Defensive warm up.

Shaneomac32 on 8/25/2015

battle drill


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