Defense Read 2 on 1

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Here is a half ice 2 on 1 hockey drill. It is a good drill to teach your defense the basics of playing a 2 on 1.  The coach should gather the pucks at center ice.  The two lines of forwards should also be at center ice as shown in the diagram.  The coach starts the drill with a whistle and both forward sprint out around the cones.  The coach will make a pass to one of the forwards.  The defense needs to step out and transition to the opposite side away from the pass and as they defend they should take away the pass.  The defense should take away the pass but try not to give the puck carrier a free ride to the front of the net.  Ideally the defense forces a shot from an angle in which the goalie has a good chance to make the save. The goalies should gain confidence in their defense that they will eliminate the pass, therefore they can square up to the shooter.


mhaslett on 11/11/2015

Player without the puck drives hard to the net to get rebound, shooter shots to far side low to get rebound, not into the goalies glove, gumpy needs to stay out on edge of blue ice



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