Control Turn Races

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This is a skating hockey drill that is geared for the young kids.  The focus is on control turns and inside edges int he context of a race to add some urgency.  It only uses the neutral zone so if can be useful when designing a practice that uses stations.  The players line up along the boards in two teams.  The first player in each team is just outside the blue line (as shown in the diagram). Four cones are used, each cone is placed in line with the dots half way between the red line and blue line.  On the whistle the first player in each line skates straight down the line and around the cone using a control turn.  Then they skate back towards the line and do another control turn going the other way around the other cone.  After the second control turn they should be just inside the red line and they sprint to the finish line which is marked by the other two cones.  You can run this drill as a individual races or a relay race. 


Bees Hockey on 9/10/2018

Control Turn Races

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