Clean Your Room

Set Up

To set up this activity place two or three cones through the center line of the playing area to mark the center line. Split up the players into two teams and place playres from each team on their own side of the playing area. Spread out at least 10 pucks near the back end of each team's side as shown in the diagram.

Objective of the Game

Each team tries to get all the pucks into the other teams half and remove all pucks from their own half. Once they do that their "room is clean" and they win that round.


  • Players have to stay on their own half.
  • They have to use passing technique, no shooting pucks in the air.

Why this is a great game

Just sit back and watch players as they figure out ways in which to succeed in this game. Players will be retrieving and making a passing motion non-stop in this game. They will also be reading where the opponents are trying to pass the puck and try to intercept. There really are no coaching points, just let them play.

Credit: The diagram was produced using Hockey Coach Vision

Supporting Fundamentals


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