Center Dish

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This drill simulates a good neutral zone play for 5 on 5 and 5 on 4 situations.  The  drill starts when D1 skates backwards to the middle of the ice and receives a pass from D2.  At the same time F1 skates to the far blue line, stops, then regroups back to the red line and times their break to receive a pass from F2 while they are skating full speed into the zone.  D1 transitions with the puck and makes a hard pass to F2 who has found space near center ice.   F2 makes a one-time pass to F1 who is flying down the wing into the zone.  F1 takes a shot from the slot and continues into the corner to get a puck and make a pass to D1 who is following the play into the zone.  D1 then takes another shot from the high slot.  F1 then goes to the end of the line where F2 started and F2 goes to the end of F1's line after making the pass to F1.


Shebhockey on 3/5/2018


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