Box Out 2 on 2

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The purpose of this drill is to work on defending in front of the net when shots are taken from the point. It is also a chance to work offensively to get in front of the net, take quality shots from the point, and bury rebounds.  


Two offensive players and two defensive players will start in the zone.  The coach will start the drill by dumping a puck into the corner.  The offensive players need to retrieve the puck and make a pass up to the defense.  They can make a direct pass or use the wall depending on the situation.  The defense will either walk to the middle or shoot from the wall.  This depends on what the coach gives them, it is good to work on both types of shots.  The players down low need to battle for position as the shot is taken.The defense need to try and clear the offensive players out of the way to allow the goalie to see the shot and make sure their sticks are tied up.  The offensive players are trying to screen the goalie and get a stick on the puck.  After each shot the coach can play a new puck into the corner so they get 2 to 3 reps on each turn.

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