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The purpose of this drill is for forwards to work on moving their feet while passing, receiving a pass, and shooting.  The primary focus for forwards is to keep thier feet moving at all times. The drill starts when F2 passes the puck to F1 along the baords.  F1 explodes off the boards with the puck and shoots from the slot with their feet moving.  F1 then circles around the face off circle and gets another pass from F2.  F1 gives the puck right back to F2 and then receives it back from F2 (make sure F1 is facing F2 the entire time). Once the receive the puck from F2, F1 explodes off the boards again and takes another shot from the slot.  this time they skate full speed to the opposite boards and pass the puck to F3 in the corner.  After making the pass, F1 makes a spin move off the boards and skates full speed into the slot area expecting a return pass from F3.  F1 then takes the position of F3, F3 moves to F2's position, and F2 goes to the back of the line where F1 started.

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