Blue Line Shuffles diagram

The Blue Line Shuffles drill from NewEdge Hockey helps defenseman work on moving laterally on the blue line. 


  • Set up 4 groups of 2 pucks (as pictured in the diagram) a couple of feet inside of the blue line.
  • Progression # 1: players skate laterally across the blueline.
  • Progression # 2: players skate laterally across the blueline with a partner so they can pass the puck back and forth.
  • Progression # 3: players skate laterally across the blueline and take a shot when going around the last set of pucks. 

Coaching Points

  • Keep toecaps and chest in zone.
  • Practice moving your feet outside of the blue line yet keep the puck on-sides.
  • As you shuffle across the blue line and manage the puck, be sure to get your eyes up from time to time.

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