4 vs. 2 No Stickhandle Game

4 vs. 2 No Stickhandle Game diagram

The 4 vs. 2 No Stickhandle Game from Topher Scott is a great game to reinforce quick puck movement by the offense and good stick position by the defense. As the name states, the offensive team can not stickhandle the puck while they move the puck and try to score. The defense can practice disrupting plays by having their sticks on the ice and getting into passing lanes. If the defense gets the puck they must pass to their forwards on the other side of the ice.


  • This is a half ice game. Split up the zone as shown in the video and diagram.
  • One side will have 4 dark players vs. 2 light players and the other side will be the opposite, 4 light players and 2 dark players.
  • Offensive players can not stickhandle the puck. They are trying to score in their end.
  • If the defensive players get the puck, they pass to their teammates on the other side of the ice.

Coaching Points:

  • Offense
    • No stickhandling and move puck quickly! 
    • Have head up so you know your options before you get the puck.
    • Jump to open space without the puck.
  • Defense
    • Stick on the ice at all times.
    • Be aggressive & take away passing lanes.

Game Variations:

  • Can be 4v2 on each side or 3v2, or 2v1.


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